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About Us

Who we are: USA WeatherNet was founded in 2000 and has been maintained and written by the same family for the past 21 years.


How we make money: There is no charge to use the site nor do we make any money from the site. In fact it costs quite a bit yearly to operate it and maintain it. But that said donations are appreciated. What it costs: Software licensing: 180.00 per year, Hosting is donated so that’s zero, Labor in maintenance is roughly 4,000 per year, Servers are another 1000 per year. So in short almost 6 thousand per year it costs to run. Fortunately it is considered a community service and we’re glad to do it.


What data we collect: None. We use google to simply let us know if there are dead links on the site and to report how people found the site either through a search engine or a link. We also check which browsers are used when accessing the site so if a large number of people start using a different browser we need to verify it works. We also collect your IP address to see what country you’re from so if we need to add a language to the site we will.


Do we sell your data?: No Data we collect is purged every 12 months.


Are you a company?: Yes. The site is now owned by Findit AZ Media LLC so that the maintainers aren’t sued if it rains on your parade.


That’s us in a nutshell. Enjoy. And if you want to donate please visit us on While not tax deductible every little bit tells me and the family we’re doing a good job. Thanks.



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